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1. Choose the right track

The wear resistance of the rock-type track by track high-manganese steel plate surface work hardening effect realized. If the soft rock area using rock-type track shoes, can not produce work hardening effect, no increase in hardness, wear quickly. Then choose the best soft rock track with a single tooth plate, can also be used close to the limits of the track shoe repair or welding repair after the shoes. Therefore, the track according to the soil types and mechanical operating conditions of use.

(1) general soil conditions (four or less), you should use a single tooth track plate, the track plate tooth profile sharp, solid grip and traction. If you work for rock, its strength, this could be bent or broken.

(2) rocky soil conditions, should be used in rock-type track boards and long-life shoes. This track plate, high strength, good abrasion resistance, in the rock work, due to work hardening effect, track 2 ~ 3 mm plate surface remain high hardness In addition, track shoe bolts retaining ribs, ribs, and relatively thick tooth section thickness, are the rock-type track grip is not strong, but this track torsion, bending strength, track bolts tightened good, connection strength.

(3) loading and digging snow job, should adopt the half-tooth track plate. The grouser height of between one and three teeth between the tooth track plate, there are two of the tracks are not high gear, with great traction and prevent the frequent turning of the characteristics of this grouser thickness, under the heavy torsion, high bending strength, weaknesses in poor ride comfort on hard ground.

(4) in the wetland, wet snow on the ground should be separately tracked board and snow shoes. Wetland cross-section of track shoes 3 arcs, ground area, large buoyancy, no sharp teeth, will not cut off the ground any object both ends of the arc has a special section to prevent sliding. Disadvantage is that low intensity, deformation, dehumidification shall not apply to outside. Snow Shoe with tendons, grouser belt level, to prevent sliding, the board cut the trailing edge, easy-to-board out of the ice remains in the track. If used in ordinary soil and rock, track wear or damage.

(5) in the pavement on the road and the road pavement can be tracked separately using flat plate and rubber shoes. The former non-grouser, bolt head lower than the board, walking or operation does not damage the road or on the ground rubber block which is fixed to the ground surface in track shoes, walking machine, no damage to the road, no noise when crawling shortcomings Their scope is limited.

(6) hot slag handling, slag processing using track plates, characterized by high heat resistance, strength and long life can also be used for rock work.

2. Use the correct operation

(1) prohibits the improper high-speed traffic. High-speed crawler, will sell kits and wheel, track section and guide wheels, track section with rollers, etc., under the impact load hit each other, resulting in driving tooth surface, pin sleeve cylindrical guide wheel tread, roller tread, tread premature wear track section, will result in cracking of sales kits and track shoes, roller flange is damaged, broken off track section in addition, the impact will make the track frame, main frame of the chassis parts cracks, bent or broken. So as far as possible to avoid sharp turns at high speed Dangxia.

(2) Do not overload the track under the skid plate. If the track and slide will cause the reactive power consumption of fuel and shorten the life of track shoes Once the track began to slip, it should reduce the excessive load Alice in order to avoid the chassis from the ground, we must control the amount of loose soil, dig the soil depth. And when it is best to turn the machine slowly turns and turn Big Bend.

(3) Do not let the side of the track long-term load. If the long-term so that most of the load acting on the unilateral track of work, walking body parts due to uneven force premature wear or damage.

(4) should avoid traveling across the floating stone. If you drive in the chassis floating stone ramp, over the balance of the amount of arm swing, bending or thrust to the role of walking in the track frame and body parts, body parts shock load will walk cracks and various chassis parts, twisted, broken and other damage.

(5) Machinery should be parked on level ground, to avoid parking on the slopes. If parked on a slope, gravity caused by static thrust produced by the floating oil seal (O-ring) deformation damage over time will leak.

3. Proper maintenance

(1) the appropriate degree of tension to keep track

If excessive tension, the spring tension on the guide wheel track sales and marketing units, and sales comprising a circular cylindrical pin has been a high compressive stress, running pins and collars produce premature wear, and guide wheel tensioning the spring will also act on the guide shaft and sleeve, resulting in a large surface contact stress, which makes the guide easy to ground into semi-circular axle sets, tracks steadily away from the easy stretch, and will reduce the efficiency of mechanical transmission, the engine passed to drive waste wheel and track power.

If the track tension is too loose, easy to track from the guide wheels and rollers, and lose the right of the track, running track fluctuations in the beat, shock, causing the roller guide wheel and abnormal wear.

Degree of adjustment of track tension is through injection nozzle to the tensioning cylinder filling butter or butter from the discharge nozzle release, refer to the model adjusted the standard gap. When the track steadily away from the elongated to the need to remove a track section, the driver sets off the tooth surface and the mating surface will also be abnormal wear and tear, deterioration at this time should be engaged before the appropriate treatment, such as the sales and marketing set upside down, replacement of worn over the pin and pin sets, replace the section of track assembly and so on.

(2) maintain the position of the guide wheel

Idler not in other parts of the travel agencies have serious implications, so adjust the guide wheel guides and the gap between the track frame (correct misalignment) is to extend the life of the main points of travel agencies. Adjustment with the guide plate and between the pads to fix the bearing, if the gap is large, remove the gasket the gap is small, increasing gasket. Standard clearance is 0.5 ~ 1.0 mm, the maximum allowable gap of 3.0 mm.


(3) at the appropriate time to track sales and marketing units upside down

Track sales and marketing units in the wear process, is gradually stretched away from the track steadily, resulting in sets of gear wheel and poor sales, resulting in breakage and drive pin sets abnormal tooth wear surface, will cause hunting, beat, shock, shorten the life of travel agencies. When the tension by adjusting the degree of recovery can not pitch, you need to track pins and collars upside down, to get away steadily right track. Decisions in the field, there are two sets of track sales and marketing upside down the moment One way is to check the set keeps track of time away from the elongated 3 mm Another way is to check the insurance reform sets of 3 mm outer diameter wear time .

(4) Tighten bolts and nuts in a timely manner

When the walking mechanism of the bolts loose, easily broken or lost, triggering a series of failures. Routine repair and maintenance should check the following bolts: Rollers and roller mounting bolt, drive tooth block mounting bolts, track shoe bolts, rollers shield mounting bolts on the angle head stays mounting bolts. Main bolt tightening torque reference to the model specification.

(5) timely lubrication

Walking mechanism of lubrication is very important, a lot of roller bearing "burn" and led to reported expenses because without timely detection of oil spills. Generally believed that the following five possible oil spill: Since ring gear and shaft O-ring between the poor or damaged, the outer ring and the shaft from the gear between the oil spills floating seal ring as bad or defective O-ring from outer ring gear and roller (roller, guide wheel, wheel) between the oil spill as roller (roller, guide wheels, wheel) and the bushing O-ring between the poor, from the lining leakage between the sleeve and the wheel as filler plug loose or conical plug sealing the bore is damaged, the oil drain plug at the oil spill bad as O-ring, between the door and wheel oil. Therefore, attention should be checked more than the usual site, and in accordance with various parts of the lubrication cycle periodically add, change.

(6) Check the crack

Should be checked in walking mechanism of the crack, and timely repair welding, strengthened.

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