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Crawler undercarriage wear and maintenance of the form-1

Keywords: crawler undercarriage inspection maintenance CLC: TH17

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:1007 -6921 (2010) 09-0073-02

Heidaigou open pit coal mine located in central Junggar Coalfield, design mining area 42. 6km2, within the realm of recoverable coal reserves of 1.498 billion t. Coal is low sulfur (<0.5), phosphorus (<0.05), high ash melting point, high heat and high volatile bituminous coal long. Integrated open-pit mining process, the average thickness of the upper soil layer 49m, using bucket wheel excavator - belt conveyor - Dump machine continuous process average thickness of rocks in central 56m, single-bucket excavator - dump truck stopped process uprooting and throwing blast hanging bucket heap process lower average coal seam thickness of 28.8 m, single-bucket excavator - dump truck - Kengbian semi-mobile crushing station - belt conveyor semi-continuous process.

The major large-scale mining equipment used are: German Krupp produced two sets of Bucket System U.S. production of the DM series Ingersoll Rand drilling 8 Komatsu Dresser Company production of the 630E type 15 4t 58 stations and truck 730E Model 185t truck 5 sets BE 395BI excavators produced five P & H 2800XP produced excavator 1 made 4 WK-10B excavator and put into use in 2007, the WK-35-type excavator 1 unit, etc. , is the world''s most advanced mining equipment. Currently, Heidaigou basic coal mine expansion and reconstruction project completed in 2008, coal production 22 million t, is the one large opencast coal mine.

Open-pit mining equipment is used in the main mode crawler, crawler device of the proper use and maintenance, the production is very important.

A crawler device characteristics

Track travel system includes the frame (or rack), 3 walking devices and suspension parts. Frame is the skeleton of the vehicle used to install all the assemblies and components, so that the entire vehicle as a whole. Walking device is used to support the body, the power plant reached the wheel drive torque on the rotary movement into a vehicle and work with the driving force required for driving and speed. Walking frame and suspension are among the force transmission device connection device.

Tracked and wheeled traffic systems, has the following characteristics: ① bearing area, ground pressure is small. Therefore suitable for tracked vehicles operating on soft or muddy site, subsidence is small, rolling resistance is also small, through better performance. ② track shoe bearing surface of a tooth, easy to slip, the traction is good adhesion, is conducive to play a greater traction. ③ complex structure, weight, inertia large buffer performance is poor, "four area" badly worn, high cost, short life. Therefore, the vehicle speed can not be tracked too, poor motor performance. ④ tracked vehicles can also work in high-temperature space, together with its "low pressure ratio," "big traction," the advantage is wheeled vehicles can not be replaced.

2 crawler unit composition and function

Crawler device consists of walking frame, guide wheels, track tensioning device, carrier rollers, rollers, crawler and wheel assembly and other components, so both tracks surrounding the outside of these four wheels, the tensioning device tension, direct contact with the ground. Wheel drive track around the four kinds of wheel rotation, not directly on the ground rolling. Tensioning track guide wheel is, and guide it properly wound. Number of rollers in the rolling surface of rail track, passing the vertical load to the track. Rollers on the track side supports, so that does not sag, and reduce the upper and lower vibration. Of the four wheels and tensioning device, in addition to outside wheel are mounted on a wheel frame set (ie, sets the frame, also known as track frame), thus forming a car. Each tracked vehicle has left and right two carts. Vehicle weight through the station frame, supporting wheels to pass under the track, so that the bottom track pressed on the ground. When the wheel is the final gear (driven gear) drive, the tooth pulling track, the ground immediately have an effect on the reaction in the track, so that sets the frame forward or backward relative to the ground motion generated, the vehicle will along with exercise.

2.1 Track assembly

Track assembly includes track panels, track link sections, track pins and collars and other major parts. Scores of each track by track assembly connected together. Because it is in direct contact with the ground, and to bear the full weight of the body and the driving force, it should have sufficient strength, stiffness and wear resistance.

2.2 wheels

Roller track undercarriage is the worst working conditions in a component. Thus have a reliable seal and lubrication equipment. Structure supporting wheels a lot, often used by the structure supporting wheels axis, round body, a floating oil seal kits and other major pieces of the composition.

2.3 Idler

The function is to guide the guide wheel track the direction of walking devices, easing the impact when the track forward. Guide wheel and roller, as also the use of the intermediate shaft protruding shoulder, sleeve and floating seal.

2.4 Rollers

Rollers used to prevent sagging upper track and off track when walking. Rollers are generally installed in the track cantilever rack. Rollers from the axis of the structure, cover, floating seal, roller bearing body and the other major parts. Rollers shelves in the track department, under load than a small supporting wheels, dirt is not easy to invade, and less wear and tear.

2.5 wheel

The function of the driving wheel is driven track, the equipment running, the rear wheel mounted on the track frame, working condition is very heavy. Wheel many forms, commonly used piece, inlaid ring gear type and gear block, the use of their advantages and disadvantages. To make worn wheel still possible exchange and conservation of raw materials, generally should adopt the set ring type. More than an odd number of teeth, can improve life.

2.6 track tensioning device

Such as walking and crawler equipment in operation, the track sections hinged at the pitch lengthened due to wear and tear, reduces the degree of tension, increased sagging upper track, walking there beating, and even the track off, and thus need to track tensioning device to be tension. However, if the track is too tight sheets, pin and pin sets will result in excessive force and rapid wear, this must be an appropriate degree of tension adjustment. Track tensioning device to connect it with the guide wheel and guide wheel back and forth on the guide device. Many forms of track tensioning device, adjust the screw and hydraulic use of the more common.

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