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Sprocket of a bulldozer fix a ring gear, wheel analysis of the causes and repair scrap design
Wheel of a bulldozer fix a ring gear, wheel analysis of the causes and repair scrap design: bulldozer driver to walk through the sets of teeth struck off track to achieve. Because of this toggle is just the gear and the pin contact and a set of sliding friction, wear and tear does not exist in other parts of the problem, so the driving wheel scrap mostly due to tooth surface and tooth tooth wear due to overrun. Integral gear points round the body, spoke and ring three parts. More round-processing operation, high precision, the weight ratio of the total driving wheel, the cost of the total cost of more than half of the driving wheel. Spokes can only cast out. The ring gear tooth to be processing and heat treatment, their workload and difficult. Bulldozer in the rugged construction site operations, although the harsh working conditions, driving wheel, requiring high strength, wear resistance, but the geometry of the tooth does not require too stringent requirements (some made of curved wheel teeth have been Boring work cut order processing, mainly because of surface selection unreasonable hours of casting and pouring riser location is not good). Not difficult to see from the above analysis, bulldozers wheel repair can be achieved by replacing the ring gear. We believe that in order to replace the ring gear can remain in the harsh environment of high strength and high wear resistance, and lower its cost, the key is to determine the reasonableness of the ring gear casting and heat treatment process. Based on the recognition, pores. We made a wheel repair program designed to replace the ring gear. Ring design and casting, heat treatment of selected our design DOl type bulldozer wheel repair S-¯ ring gear and the use of casting, heat treatment shown in Figure 1. On some issues of specific practices as t () determine a tooth of the toothed wheel on the original mapping carried out to determine the toothed arc and by the four sections composed of three sections of straight lines, shown in Figure 2. Ring to the tooth can not be machined flat to the frame. Work, shown in Figure 1 we have chosen the sub-surface, so that (=) to select the casting process to consider several issues when the end has a little style. Side, also when the hand wheel to get rid of the sand, avoiding the middle of the ring gear type may result in the wrong box and must be machined. 2 According to withstand the torque ring gear and the impact of working conditions for. Make use of welding technology is not high and 42 low-carbon steel welding 2 through P of the port caused by defects in low seam strength, cast out in the tooth edge of the circle coincide with the position spokes slot, so that each person spoke to firmly stuck tank, thereby reducing the weld to withstand the force. 3 pouring, risers are to stay in the circle edge of the tooth, it is omitted. Turning on the end process. () To ensure the ring gear strength, hardness, toughness measures three a ring using 4 steel. This is because the drive. 5 track link pin wear increase is mainly worn to cover the pitch increases, resulting in tooth and drive sales increased sliding friction between the sleeve caused by appropriate heat treatment can reach hardness of steel No. 4 5tRC0 right, meet the basic use requirements. Another result of the original t5 left is No. 4 steel heat treatment and welding, general steel plant and machine repair unit 5 can be implemented. 2 in the reflection furnace annealing after casting to eliminate casting. Internal stress generated in the process, refine, adjust and stabilize the grain. Approach is to place the casting furnace heat reflection, when the furnace temperature increased to 801 ℃ after temperature for 3 hours, and then fire furnace cooling. Prince Yu Lei 3 center bolt to center, 3 quenching is also carried out in reverberatory furnace, the furnace temperature rise. To 80-3 ℃ (sensing thermometer) after heat 31, with ''0 -8 hours, you can remove the water quenching. Quenching process to make the water flow (can be manually stirred) water temperature shall not exceed 7 ℃. Also, O 4 and then the quenching of the ring gear loaded reverberatory furnace until the furnace. Temperature rose to 20-30 hours after the temperature for 3 hours, you can eliminate 8,0 ℃ teeth Bin draw on the platform outside the plaque] (8), 93 people sitting round the body cover boss, then let fire furnace cooling to achieve the purpose of tempering, quenching stress and to eliminate some of the casting to stabilize the organization. Third, the director of technology-driven rotation of ring gear repair 1 wheel will wear the ring gear with gas cutting scrap pre-wu. Ring put on, adjusted to be cut with the outer line (Figure 3) cut off. In order to cut accurately, saw the letter, we use a dedicated tool (Figure 4) as tools to see. Line alignment, ring slot reliable, carefully, to ensure that the weld width of 2m to m, the greatly reduced due to excessive contraction of the weld caused by too wide of the weld or ring cracking. 2 Positioning before welding: the D8-2 graders wheel. 01 Liu push store is 4 and spokes. 3 welding. Welding to symmetric segments, namely the first. Spoke with the ring gear solid welding equipment, and then the symmetry points 3-4 times each seam welding. For example, the positioning process is: the round-cover, the bolt fixed on the platform or l square or round steel plate on the six four, using the method of removal and cost-effective 18 September, we Bureau of earth-moving machinery station 2 is not jo 99 fee per repair. I Bureau of the existing multiple bulldozers 7 ¯ 4o0, this method if all repair, repair costs can only province nearly l million, taking into account the savings in repair time, the site address urgent needs and other factors 0, is a very significant economic benefits . After the success of this method, Curcuma Bureau of one, two, three, machine replacement ring gear on the wheel they enjoy the complex method of trying to repair the wheel running over 300 hours to make good use of the performance is still good. In July 1997, and this method fixes the Bureau of mechanical stops and a total of 90 five 5 bulldozers. From an economic point of view, D8-201 push five units of mechanical equipment and other staff to visit and inspect. Affirmed the value of this repair method, and can be used for other models.
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