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The structure and the role of track roller
      Track Rollers, excavators and bulldozers is around four in one chassis, its main role is to support the weight of excavators and bulldozers, to track down the wheels forward.

     The main structure supporting wheels: round body, supporting axle, bushings, seals, end caps and other related components composition. Roller can be divided into unilateral and bilateral roller supporting wheels excavators and bulldozers with supporting wheels with roller, excavator with supporting wheels are generally black paint, bulldozers supporting wheels are generally yellow paint.
    Roller wheel material 50MN materials, the main process is forging molding, machining, and heat treatment, the hardness after quenching wheel surface to reach HRC54 or more, in order to increase the wear resistance of the wheel surface. Supporting axle high precision machining, CNC machine tools are generally required for processing to meet the demand. Materials 40Mn2 more must also be processed quenching, hardness HRC52 or more.
     Roller prone to the problem is: A, round body wear. This occurs because the use of steel materials, heat treatment, substandard or lower hardness, wear resistance, less than B, oil spills. Supporting the axle through the sleeve has been rotated round the body to fuel to lubricate, but if the seal is not good, it is prone to the phenomenon of oil, so no lubrication shaft and sleeve in the case, it is easy to wear, resulting product can not be used. Therefore, the supporting wheels sealed production company as a measure of quality is a very important quality standard.
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